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Legalizing products for the local market.

3 Simple Steps

Step 1 

Submit relevant documents to FlooBoxes

Step 2

FlooBoxes submits to relevant departments for processing

Step 3

Licensed products can be sold in multiple online/offline channels

When penetrating a new market, it is highly important that all your products are certified and regulated by the local authorities. Under Malaysia’s Control of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulations 1984, product registration is mandatory for all pharmaceutical and cosmetic products before they imported into Malaysia.

Since only Malaysian companies are allowed to apply for product registration, a foreign company will have to appoint a Market Authorisation Holder (MAH) as their local representative to obtain product registration. Thus, FlooBoxes will provide you with the professional advice on which type of licenses are required for each product category. We offer advisory and consultancy services for obtaining product registration for cosmetic, beauty and skin care products, as well as herbal products and traditional medicines compliance with governing authority -National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA).

Registered products can be legally sold in all channels, including retail and e-commerce. Get a peace of mind while penetrating a new market!

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